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Getting noticed as an interior designer or interior design brand can be challenging in an overcrowded sector. Our award-winning Lifestyle PR Team has a wealth of experience building interior design brands and experts. Here are five effective interior design marketing strategies.


Establish Yourself As An Expert

When we onboard an interior designer, we will look at their business and profiles to highlight any aspects we feel position them as unique in their field. We look to establish you as an expert within your industry. Your USP might often not be immediately apparent to you. However, with our marketing hats on, we can create a profile and story that will position each of our clients differently and play to their strengths. Whether you are an expert in upcycling pre-loved furniture or an expert in lighting, our team will create a narrative that fits with you and your business.


Write A Good Bio

So many interior design brands have poor ‘about us’ pages. Missing out on vital pieces of information or making the brand too impersonal are common mistakes. Writing a great biography or website content is an art, so if your skillset doesn’t lay in writing, appoint a professional. Your ‘about us‘ page probably gets more visitors than you actually realise, so alongside the rest of your website content, it needs to promote you to your best advantage. 


Get PR & Marketing Representation

It might seem obvious that we would suggest these services are part of your essential marketing strategy, but PR & Marketing representation really works! Clients that have never appeared in the media have found themselves in titles such as The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, Homes & Gardens and more. We are as passionate about our client’s businesses as they are. With over 40 years of marketing experience, we know how to represent our clients and get results. Working with a professional interior design PR absolutely should be on your list of effective marketing strategies, if not now, for the future.


Build A Newsletter Community

We write newsletter content for many of our clients. Regular newsletters that add value to your subscribers will help you grow your community and customer base. Newsletter marketing should be part of your marketing strategy.


Get Social 

You might be on social media, but are you harnessing opportunities? As certified social media managers, we look after numerous social media accounts for our clients. Working closely with our clients, we can help you tell your story and reinforce consumer trust and respect for your business and services.

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