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Facebook is changing (again), and that means that there are more changes afoot. If you own a business Facebook page, you need to read this blog as we share the latest on what businesses need to know about Facebook!


So, What Happened?

Facebook held its annual developer conference ‘F8’ in California in early May. This event was an opportunity to showcase how Facebook is evolving and changes ahead.


What Changed?


Our Social Media Team cherry pick a few of the key moments which are going to affect how your business markets on Facebook are as follows:


New Design

You might have noticed a change already to the look and feel of your business page on your phone. Bigger buttons and quick access to features are just two of the significant changes you will see. The newsfeed is also noticeably smaller too and stories more prominent.


A Different Focus

The new algorithm is focusing on events and groups and prioritising these ahead of the traditional newsfeed.  Groups are also going to be a strong focus for Facebook going forward.


” OK, So I’ll Put All My Efforts Into Instagram”

(We hear you say!)

Things are changing on that platform too.


While Instagram denies that the latest announcement has changed their algorithm marketeers know different. Since the beginning of June, some accounts have seen their engagement and reach drop significantly. The new Shop From Creators will allow purchases directly from specific users and their posts.

This offers an excellent opportunity for influencers to maximise their revenue in association with brands and a brilliant opportunity for brands and businesses to optimise their associations with influencers. They are also adding the options for non-profit organisations to add donation stickers to their Stories.  

Instagram is updating its camera interface to make it easier to share content beyond traditional videos and photos.


The Numbers Game

For marketers, follower numbers are really more of a vanity metric than something educated businesses take notice. The real metric we look at is conversions (be that looking at traffic driven to the client’s website/engagement or sales).


Yes, numbers do count, but with the considerable amount of fake accounts and brands buying follower numbers, it devalues the real value of those brands who have worked hard to build a genuine following. Instagram is reducing the focus on follower counts by making them less prominent.


They are also in the process of testing hiding post likes, again to curb this focus on numbers, rather than the actual value. We say, hurray.


Get The Message

Messenger is another area that Facebook is focusing on further changes. The opportunity to restrict your Messenger activity with close friends and family is one new development. Lead Ad templates are another new direction, also enabling consumers to book appointments directly with businesses. Communal video viewing is continuing to rise, as well. Desktop Messaging is here too.


Advertising Spend

If you’re not spending money advertising, then you need to, especially with all the changes being rolled out. Your page, no matter how good your engagement will need to be supported by advertising if you want to continue to build your brand and retain your presence on this platform.


With all these changes, are you able to manage your social channels and keep ahead of your competitors? Can you make engaging content that will capture and keep your audience’s attention, manage groups and create events? We are an award-winning and qualified social media marketing agency with creative skills and unrivalled expertise to manage your brand’s presence and image. Find out what people say about us HERE.


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