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As the clock strikes midnight into New Year’s Day, many of us set New Year Resolutions. However well made with good intentions, as the days and weeks pass, it’s easy to slip back into those old and negative patterns of behaviour. The Lifestyle PR Team takes a look at 10 classic New Year Resolutions. 


Exercise More

Alongside losing weight, exercise is a very common New Year’s Resolution. Exercises that bring you together with others can also help forge new friendships. Regular exercise can boost your mood, reduce your stress levels and even help you live longer! Choosing a form of exercise that you enjoy will mean that you will stick to it. If jogging or spin classes are not your types of activity, choose Yoga or even a daily brisk walk in the park. Getting off the bus two stops earlier on your morning commute will get the blood pumping and mean you’ll arrive at work feeling energised and alert. 


Losing Weight

Losing weight can often become an obsessive and destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting. Combining healthy eating and exercise should be at the heart of living well and reviewing our relationship with food is also crucial. Some people comfort eat when they are sad or bored. Food has a very personal connection with each of us and understanding your triggers and patterns with food will help you adopt healthier eating habits, this combined with exercise and a more positive mental attitude, will make a difference to your life and realign this common new year resolution.


Eating Healthily

In a culture of fast and convenience food, it can be hard to eat healthy meals. Whether you are rushing to do the school run and have fed everyone but yourself, or heading home late from work, grabbing a quick sugary or fat-laden snack seems like the easiest option at the time. However, a little planning ahead so you have healthy snacks and food in the cupboard and fridge can make all the difference. Doing a regular weekly shop can also help. Stocking up on healthy snacks you can eat on the go will also deter you from veering towards the confectionary counter. 


Manage Money Better

After the Christmas splurge, most of us feel the pinch in our pockets. But managing our money has more than just financial implications. Money worries can have a detrimental effect on our mental and physical health and well-being. From contributing to a lack of sleep through to depression and anxiety. Looking at how you can practically manage your finances is important and taking control of this area of your life will empower you. Regular health checks on your finances are essential! And putting away a little each month as savings can soon add-up giving you a financial security blanket for the future.


Learn A New Skill Or Hobby

Be an ‘I’m glad I did’ type of person! 

You are never too old to try a new skill or hobby. Whether you are a busy mum, a high-flyer or retired, make time to try something new and have fun learning. Whether it’s trying a new sport, speaking a new language or releasing your inner Picasso in an art class, now is the time to grasp today and embrace something new! New Year Resolutions can be fun!


Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be challenging. While we are all aware of the health implications of smoking, for many it’s a long-standing addiction and lifestyle habit. Getting support from your doctor, friends and family is essential but changing (even temporarily) those situations whereby you usually have a cigarette can have a positive impact in your transition. Eating well and exercise can also help support your quest to quit and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Manage Stress Levels

Managing your stress levels can be difficult in our hectic, modern lifestyle. Being aware of your thoughts and how they impact on your health is so essential. For example, have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam, running late and suddenly noticed that your shoulders are hunched up under your ears?! Being aware of how stress affects your body is the first step to managing anxiety.


Better Life/Work Balance

It’s easy to struggle to find time for yourself away from the pressure and confinements of work, family commitments and household chores. But finding time for yourself in life IS important. Not only will you burn yourself out, but the pressure and stress you find yourself under will start to impact on your relationships with friends and family members. Whether you use that time to go to the gym, catch up with friends or relax at home with a cup of coffee and a good book, do something for you. Booking a long weekend away at a Spa is something to look forward to and will give you some TLC. 


Remember, your New Year Resolutions need to be: Work to live, don’t live to work.


Drink Less Alcohol

After the excess of the festive period, most people return to more healthy drinking habits. However, it’s easy to slip into having a glass of wine or two mid-week on occasion and then that habit gradually becoming your regular evening routine.  If this sounds familiar, then change your drinking habits for the better. A weekly gym class after work or an evening class will keep you focused, and you’ll find that you’ll sooner desire herbal tea and your bed than alcohol. You’ll not only start to feel more energised but will be benefiting from better quality sleep as well.


Greater Work Satisfaction

There aren’t many people who bounce out of bed on a Monday morning, excited about the prospect of going to work, but if your job fills you with despair and dread, then you need to review your situation. If your unhappiness stems from colleague or boss relationships, then you need to discuss with your HR team to see if anything can be improved. If the reason is that your current role isn’t satisfying or fulfilling, are there any practical changes that you could discuss with your boss? Whatever you decide to do, think thoroughly (and realistically) about what would make your work life happier and plan how you could possibly make that change in practical steps.


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