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If gorgeous hair, on point nails and the return of full, long lashes still seems like they might be a lifetime away, then our Beauty PR Team’s DIY pamper tips for self-care that should get you through the next few weeks.


Step Away From The Hair Dye

If you aren’t sure anymore if you are blonde or brunette or silver vixen. We hear you. However, dabbling with home hair dye can not only result in green or orange hair but can also damage your hair beyond repair. Our advice is to use the time to lavish your hair with love. Treat your locks to hair conditioning treatments, use root spray touch-up or wear it up with a beautiful silk scarf, tied around the front of your hair or full turban (think Joan Collins, Dynasty- Millennials).


Put The Scissors Down

We know how annoying that overly long fringe is (we don’t understand how the gorgeous Claudia Winkleman  copes so well). You think, ‘just a quick snip’ and ‘how hard can it be to cut a fringe’. STOP. Cutting a fringe, straight and to the right length isn’t the first step into hairdressing so unless you have a steady hand and a lorry load of confidence, we say leave it and clip it up with a fancy clip or Alice band.


Nail It

We are missing our pro mani’s but going nail varnish free is no bad thing. If you are still clinging onto the last of your gels, then here’s a fab guide we found for removing your gel nail polish at home. With all this hand washing and sanitising, your hands and nails could do with some conditioning love. We are all over the Naturally European Hand Cream. It’s got tonnes of good stuff; Shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, baobab seed oil, Rose oil, glycerin and vitamin E along with essential oils. And none of the bad: Free from parabens and SLS so even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this proactive skin care. Not tested on animals and made in England.


Face Facts

Are you missing your regular facials and facial treatments? It might not have the same impact as your Harley Street aesthetics, but a homemade facial brimming with natural goodness is only ever going to do your skin a world of good. Your skin will also be prepped and ready for your beauty professionals once you can book an appointment again. Be inspired with a few of our DIY Facials and get your skin looking fabulous again.


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