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Walking the dog in the rain probably isn’t up there on our most favourite thing to do on a cold winter’s morning. However, our Canine PR Team brave the weather whatever the season. Here is our round-up of the best rainy day dog walking essentials you need to keep you smiling come rain, sleet or snow!


A Warm Waterproof Coat

A warm winter waterproof coat will be your ‘go-to’ garment for the winter months ahead. Choose a coat with a detachable or fold away hood that you can remove for those super windy days when wearing a hood is more hassle than it’s worth! Choose one with a high neck and longer length with two-way full-length zip, so you can step over logs in the wood without ripping the hem or zip (yes, we’ve been there). Also, choose a coat with a selection of deep pockets and one with zips, so you don’t lose your phone in the middle of a muddy farmers field (again, we can tick that box!)


A Cup Of Happiness

We never leave the house without a cup of coffee (rainy days or shine!) but choose a reusable cup that you can refill without creating landfill! We like a cup with a secure, closable lid so when we’ve finished, we can pop it in our coat pocket.


Handy For Rainy Days

OK, we know these are a luxury, but for any dog owner that suffers in the cold, these are our luxury lust after! If your budget can’t stretch to a pair of waterproof heated gloves, then invest in some reusable hand warmers or some silk ski glove liners to beat those winter rainy day blues. 


A Waterproof Dog Coat

Another rainy day essential that your dog will thank you for is a waterproof dog coat. Choose a lightweight waterproof coat that you can layer up with a warm fleece or jumper underneath for freezing weather for winter walks. When searching for a coat for your dog, put comfort and design before looks. Check that there is ample room around your dog’s legs and neck for freedom of movement and that it doesn’t rub them. Lots of dog coats have velcro straps under the belly, so make sure that is a rub-free area.


Warm & Waterproof Boots

Warm, comfortable and waterproof boots need to be easy to slip on and off. Lace-up boots are suitable for walking long distances, but for every day dog walks we like wellington boots with a comfort sole and wellington boot liners for additional comfort. We also recommend long wool socks which stop that annoying calf slap with every stride! Alternatively, take a look at the equestrian market for waterproof winter boots, these boots are designed for active horse owners so you’ll have plenty of stylish choices!

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