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An image of a horse against a cloudy blue sky, which looks like it's a selfie

There was a time when we hadn’t even heard of selfies. Then, almost overnight, we had a surge of people posing for selfies all over social media. Then we had special types of selfie for charity purposes, celebrity group selfies, and even a song about taking a selfie. And now… we have selfies with our horses. Yes, humans taking selfies with their horse’s heads as… well, their heads!

Admittedly some of these are actually quite amusing, like some of the regular human selfies that we are exposed to through regular profile picture updates. This exposure is obviously unintentional though – our office isn’t actively selfie stalking (yet). However, at MirrorMe we have been enjoying these new horse selfies much more than the regular ones, and like the fact that people are now having fun with their horses in silly horsey selfies, as opposed to using every filter and photoshopping technique under the sun in an attempt to look “naturally amazing” on their own! Even equestrian industry giants like Horse & Hound and Horse Nation have gotten in on it, pooling together their favourite horse selfies in articles like this one and this one.

We also now have the new “Selfie Stick” craze, whereby you can actually purchase a gadget which will extend your arm and phone/camera to flattering heights, so even more people can get in the selfie. We’re starting to wonder if we need to develop this idea to cater for horse selfies; perhaps a stick and camera on the end of a carrot would do the trick?…