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An image of one of Equetech's custom helmet covers - a pink helmet cover with bright pink and purple hearts and a bright pink pom pom

There seems to be an unwritten rule that if you are over the age of 10, pink isn’t really a colour that you should be reaching out to for your riding wardrobe.

However, there is an Etsy shop HeatherWear which dispels this, as well as many more theories on what is acceptable to wear as an adult! While I won’t personally be wearing any of these amazing creations myself, they did make me smile, and I can imagine them looking sublime on other (perhaps slightly more quirky) riders!

With a range of helmet covers inspired by everything from pink unicorns and purple zebras to crazy rainbow horses and dragons – and even a design based on the film phenomenon that is Frozen – HeatherWear has a unique collection which could provide a lovely gift for others… or yourself! All of the helmet covers also feature a nice fleecy wrap, designed to keep the chill off ears and your face when riding in cold weather!

These helmet covers would certainly brighten up a typically cold, dull English day and truth be told I am perhaps a little bit too in love with the pink unicorn version!

Although it’s very tempting, I think I’ll stick with the more subdued version of a helmet cover from our clients Equetech. And since these can be personalised to your taste, I might just have to satisfy my new pink craving with a pink one…