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  1. You actually find driving on a straight, well-lit road at night stressful – because in the country you had no experience of this!

  2. There was no such thing as a night bus or indeed a proper bus service, so passing your driving test as soon as possible was essential and life changing (OK, it meant that you didn’t have to rely on the “dad’s cab” service, which always stopped before midnight!).

  3. You are not afraid of the dark… or wearing a waterproof Pacamac in public.

  4. You don’t panic when your Sat-Nav loses its signal on a deserted country road.

  5. You still love waxed jackets, only now you have an affinity for designer labels and matching versions for dogs as well.

  6. You still give directions by length of time: “It’s 5 minutes down the road”. Roughly translated (for city folk), that means about 25 minutes, which includes 10 minutes of getting lost because of the “casual directions” you were given.

  7. You get frustrated by people moaning about a little covering of snow. When it snowed at home, you literally couldn’t get out of the front door – let alone to school – and you are therefore an expert sledger.

  8. You know that tweed isn’t just an occasional fashion trend, but in fact an enduring style statement.

  9. In your hometown, everybody knows everybody else and what everybody is doing/has been doing… and you won’t escape this scrutiny by moving to the city, as you still have family in your village and a local pub where such information is discussed.

  10. Country Fairs at big exhibition centres just don’t live up to your local one and you don’t understand why they don’t have Morris dancing and a tug of war.

  11. You have taken your dog to your local pub and not felt the need to “brush up” your look or in-fact just generally “brush off” the mud accumulated by walking to the pub.

  12. You have almost certainly had some form of interaction with a horse, whether it was getting to ride it, being chased out of a field by it or being made to muck it out.

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