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You’re small enough to be able to ride a pony, so why bother with a horse – you said to yourself. The Equestrian PR Team  share their own experiences of riding and owning ponies in this light-hearted blog.


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

You forgot how nippy they are. Fantastic for mounted pony club games. Not so helpful on bin collection day out hacking.


Clever Clogs

They’re very versatile and can turn their hoof to most things. Learning quickly is great but not so great when it comes to working out how to get out of the field/take the other horses’ fly masks and rugs off / break into the hay barn.


Giving You The Cold Shoulder

We mean ‘no shoulder’. Watch out for the few that offer the ‘stop and drop shoulder’ routine. A body protector and a neck strap are two essentials we like, regardless of the distance to the ground.


Bold & Bright

Ponies are bold and will often lead the way when it comes to tackling fences cross-country or in the show jumping arena. Against the clock? No problem! Of course, the fact that he usually bosses your 17.2hh warmblood around in the field at home has nothing to do with his ‘larger than life’ attitude!


Weight Watchers

Ponies are generally very good do-ers, which means their weight has to be managed carefully. They, however, might take a very different view of this tailored ‘diet plan’ with the grazing muzzle mysteriously appearing elsewhere in the field and not on their muzzles. Putting them in the ‘starvation’ paddock equally seems to render their inner Houdini skills of escape.


Matchy Matchy

The world of ‘matchy-matchy’ for ponies just got a whole lot brighter and bolder. Sure, there’s classic Navy and Black but when you can go for Candy Pink or Leopard print with crystals AND with matching bandages.

Why would you not?!


Longevity To Love

These days, ponies and horses are all living longer, but ponies as a rule of thumb do ten to live longer. It’s not uncommon for much-loved childhood ponies to go onto help other generations learn to ride. Having your best friend around to years to come is undoubtedly something pony owners will agree is something to love and cherish.


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