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As a horse owner, there are certain things that only we know, and other equestrians can appreciate. In this top 25 run-down, the MirrorMePR Equine Team share some of their muses and mutterings on things that only equestrians know!

  1. Your hair care extends to using the same mane and tail conditioner that you use on your horse’s tail.
  2. Your horse wears more expensive shoes than you.
  3. Holidays – sorry, what are those?
  4. What the weather forecast is at any given moment in time.
  5. You can never have too many rugs.
  6. When asked if that rug is new by non-horsey partner: ‘What that old thing? I’ve had it for years.
  7. Shaving off £££’s when asked about the cost of a new equestrian purchase by non-horsey partner.
  8. Going within 200 meters of a tack shop will result in a purchase of something, even if its just horse treats or plaiting bands.
  9. Plaiting bands make good emergency hair bands.
  10. ‘Hat hair’ is your hair 95% of the time.
  11. Teaming your breeches with trainers for the weekly shop on the way home from the yard makes your equestrian outfit acceptable.
  12. You have more pictures of your horse around the house than your family.
  13. Forget following the Kardashians on Instagram. It’s Dujardin, Hester and Toddy that rule your celebrity feed.
  14. Your idea of a great weekend is going to a show/hack/spending time with your horse.
  15. Olympia Horse Show is your annual pilgrimage destination.
  16. Your horses’ wardrobe is more extensive than yours.
  17. You can just about handle personal criticism but speak badly of your horse and let that be on your head.
  18. Your screensaver on all devices is that of your horse.
  19. When you’re woken up by a big thunderstorm at night, you lay awake worrying if your beloved equine is OK.
  20. Even when walking the dog, you take note of the ground conditions – firm to good going makes you happy.
  21. Radiators at home were designed for drying saddlecloths, boots and bandages. Fact.
  22. If you get placed at a competition, it needs to be shared across all social media platforms immediately (with an image of rosette)
  23. Your trainer is also your psychotherapist and life coach.
  24. Shopping for you for birthdays/valentines/Christmas is easy as there is always something you want/are saving up for. These are nearly always horse related.
  25. You wish that horsehair didn’t stick to everything including the interior of your entire car.


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