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Ever wondered why successful professional horse riders are well… successful?

The MirrorMePR Equine Team share their top six tips for success in the saddle…


Successful Riders Don’t:

1. Dwell On A Bad Performance

Professional riders can’t focus on a bad outing, they need to focus on making the next show’s outing a successful one. If you have a bad experience out competing, learn from it, make changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again (additional training/dropping down a level to sort the issue out etc) and don’t ponder on the bad.


2. Repeat An Unsuccessful Formula

Trying something new is great but if it doesn’t work – Don’t repeat it.

Adapting your warm-up, routine or technique in the competition arena is trial and error but it’s no good repeating disaster!


3. Worry About Negative Comments

Sure, negative comments affect us all but successful riders focus on their horses and improving themselves. Only take on board constructive critique from people you respect and trust.

4. Go With The Crowd

Don’t stick with the crowds when it comes to training and competing your horse. You know your horse better than the other yard liveries so don’t feel pressured to push you or your horse beyond your limits. Take your time and enjoy your horse.

5. Expect Instant Results

Training a horse takes time and patience. Ask any top rider about their successful partnership with their horse and you’ll soon discover the months if not years of training, mistakes, low points and high up to their enviable success. Start small and grow your partnership built on a solid foundation of respect and trust.

6. Have A Different Trainer Every Week

While you can learn a lot from having the occasional session with a new trainer, chopping and changing your trainer by the week, will confuse your horse and won’t enable you both to progress smoothly. Find the right fit for you and your horse and stick with that trainer. Variety is the spice of the life but not when it comes to this integral part of your competition success.


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