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We pick five of our favourite spring trends to channel your inner interior designer and transform your home. Easy to adopt, these interior design trends offer longevity and luxury. 


Outdoor Living

Bring the indoors out this spring with outdoor living. Create a unique setting that brings your living and dining room creature comforts into the open to enjoy relaxing and entertaining during the warmer months. Dress outdoor furniture to impress and lay outdoor rugs for comfort and to build a set. This spring, alfresco dining and living are inspired by foreign travel, be it the beauty of living in the Tuscany Hills or relaxing in the tropical heat of Costa Rica. Choose your inspiration and build your outdoor living area around the associated textures and tonal colours.

outdoor design


The Interior Designer Favourite: Maximalism

This interior designer trend is all for going big and bold in your home decor and furnishings. Whether you reside in a mansion or maisonette, this trend is all about creating a statement. Choose less but go big. Statement artwork should cover the wall, and furniture choices must be big and luxurious. Don’t be afraid to pull together an eclectic mix of fabrics, patterns, colours and materials for this interior designer’s favourite trend.

Woman enjoying bath in an interior designer worthy setting



This interior design trend focuses on connecting your open-plan interior through clever use of colour and themes to blend seamlessly. To copy this look, choose swathes of colour that work together and can flow and connect your open plan interior with minimal effort. If you pick a colour palette that sits in harmony, you can easily merge to create a unique feel and mood for each area of your open-plan layout.

neo minimalism interior design


Earth Tones: Channel Your Inner Interior Designer

Interior designers are big on this trend, and it’s easy to see why. Connecting with nature, this colour palette sits beautifully with cream and pink, ensuring it works beautifully in classic and modern interior design. A kickback from the ‘all grey’ interior trend, earth tones allow you to blend colour and easily add warmth to a room. An interior design idea you can own.

earthy interior design


Silver Accents

Silver accents are now taking a bold step forward, leaving bronze behind in this year’s interior metallic trend. Polished aluminium, nickel and stainless steel lead the way with a new hue that adds texture and shine to modern, contemporary spaces. Incorporate furniture and wall panelling to elevate your interior design and home decor. 

interior design with silver accents

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