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Are you planning a dinner party to remember or a seductive soiree for a loved one? Our Luxury Lifestyle PR Team share their tips and advice for creating the perfect alfresco dining experience this summer.


Glow Time

Lighting can really set the ambience and mood to a dinner party. Avoid using natural flames and opt for a more reliable and safer form of light source to give that glow, such as solar lanterns or fairy lights.

Fairy lights can create a magical atmosphere in the smallest of spaces and, used creatively, can really ‘dress up’ an alfresco dining area. Ensure that you set the lights to static mode to create a relaxed, warm, and inviting environment.


Eco With Elegance

There is no reason why you can’t create an eco-dining experience with elegance. Choose cotton napkins over paper and crockery and cutlery over throw-away. Not only will using glass and china elevate your alfresco dining experience. It will also create less waste than paper and plastic.


The Secret Garden Dinner Party

If your garden is overlooked and you want to create greater privacy, think about how you can make something more private. Adding bamboo screening (even just temporarily) will give height to fences and walls and give you and your guests greater solitude from the neighbours. 


Themed Dining Experience

The easiest way to pull together a dining table and area look is to pick a theme and be inspired by it! If you are thinking tropical luxe, then pick vibrant colours, tropical leaf print napkins, coloured fairy lights or solar lanterns to set the mood. If you are looking to complement your English Country Garden then elegant china, glassware and decadent  styling are called for.  Head over to Pinterest and create a board filled with ideas.


A Dinner Party Whatever The Weather

Plan for the weather.  It’s no good setting up a beautiful dining experience and then discovering that the weather forecast has changed and you don’t have a backup plan! With the great British summer being as unpredictable as ever, choose a covered option to shelter from bad weather. We recommend a fire pit and guest blankets to beat the chill. 


Cheat It

If creating a dining experience with ambience is more than you can cope with; check out event companies that can create the perfect alfresco dining experience for your guests with hire available on everything from tables, chairs, tents and décor! We love Dream Domes for the ultimate all-inclusive packages! Remember the golden rule for dining outside: You want to turn a picnic into an unforgettable dining experience!

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