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As a business, you already use Facebook, Tik Tok or Instagram, but are you really maximising your opportunities for connecting with potential customers and helping to convert them into actual customers? In this business blog, our social media experts share five social media tips to help transform your business and help you create a social media marketing strategy to be proud of.


Create Great Content For Your Audience

Experiment with different types of content to see which works well for your followers. Remember, what you like and what resonates with your followers might differ. Ultimately, it’s about finding out the type of content your target audience (and eventually customers) want and enjoy and creating content that echo’s these sentiments across your social media platforms. Interesting visual content will be crucial for your social media posts, so invest in good photography, video content and creative social media marketers. We use many brilliant social media management tools to get the best outcomes for our client’s business accounts, so do your research to help support your best efforts.


Don’t Just Sell, Sell, Sell

We understand that you want to sell your product and drive traffic to your website. However, continually selling your products post after post on your social platforms can become dull for your followers, so keep your social media presence exciting and varied. Ask questions, create polls and share personal content about the business, from a day in the life of an office dog to profiles of your hard-working team that work behind the scenes. A diverse blend of relevant content with a sprinkling of product posts is ideal. Social content should be interesting! Your social media activity will no doubt include social media advertising. Creating posts in advance will help you plan and organise your content strategy. 


Under The Influence

Working with influencers is a great way to bring your brand into the conversation; however, carefully align your brand with influencers. Too many business owners complain that influencer marketing doesn’t work for them. Still, if you choose wisely and manage these relations, they can boost your social media presence across your channels. Working with influencers can be a great way to reach your target market and reach a wider audience. Instagram and TikTok are inherently visual platforms, so consider where your prospective customers will likely visit and choose an influencer to target your ideal customer.


Develop Your Brand Personality

Your social media platforms should be a reflection of your brand. Your ‘tone of voice’ and content should always be on-topic for your company. Create a brand deck that your active users can refer to should you have multiple social media users posting on your social networks. On a personal level, you might find that appointing a graphic designer beneficial to helping you build a visually consistent brand image.


Keep An Eye On The Competition

Keeping an eye on the competition is essential for any business, but avoid becoming so transfixed and obsessing over your competition which will make you lose sight of your social media strategy. We use content creation tools to help our clients get the edge against the competition. We also use tools for social listening to give us a feel for what is and isn’t working and feed this information into our effective strategy and for reference for future posts. 


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