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Our Beauty PR Team has put together twelve autumn skincare tips you need to try this season. Get the glow up with this expert advice.


Exfoliate Regularly

Scrub away dead skin cells, the days’ dirt and grime by exfoliating regularly as part of your skincare routine. Your autumn skincare routine should incorporate exfoliation to help keep your pores clog-free and your skin glowing.


Increase Your Moisture Levels

Moving from extreme cold to extreme heat can have a drying effect on your skin very quickly. Swapping your summer moisturiser for a richer moisturiser will help keep your skin protected and able to cope with temperature changes and winter weather in general.


Pucker Up

Your lips can quickly turn into dry, chapped and sore lips as we head into the autumn. The temptation to keep licking them if they are dry will only exacerbate the problem. Choose a natural moisturising lip balm with ingredients such as aloe vera or coconut oil to soothe and restore moisture. You can even create your own lip balm with this homemade lip balm recipe.


Help Your Hands Out

Hands are another consideration for autumn skincare. Hands can become very dry and sore with regular washing and drying and carry hand cream on your travels so you can rehydrate your hands. 


Hydrate With H20

After bathing, apply moisturiser to your damp skin to help lock in moisture and hydrate your skin. Don’t forget to keep up your water intake. In the winter months, we tend to turn to hot drinks – replace a few cups of tea or coffee with herbal teas or hot water with a slice of lemon if you can’t face drinking cold drinks.


Eat Your Way To Gorgeous Skin

Eat your way to gorgeous skin by choosing anti-ageing foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Choose fresh over processed and try and eat as many seasonal vegetables as possible. 


Wear An SPF

The sun’s UV rays still damage your skin over the autumn and winter months. Your autumn skincare should always include a high SPF cream. Choose a powder with SPF properties to give your skin a matt finish and make-up coverage.


Blemish Breakouts

If you suffer a blemish breakout, review your beauty regime. It could be an unhealthy lifestyle contributing to pimples but either way, upscale your cleansing routine. Take time to wash all your make-up brushes and dab a little tea-tree oil on pimples to help fight bacteria and reduce skin inflammation. 


Increase Your Vitamins

Increase your vitamin intake by eating good food and choosing skincare products with vitamin ingredients. Skincare products incorporating vitamin C for brightening and helping improve wrinkles and vitamin A to accelerate healing and help to prevent breakouts.


Exercise To Boost Your Autumn Skincare

Boost your autumn skincare by exercising regularly all thing considered, not only does exercise boost your mood, but increased blood flow to the skin is beneficial to your glow-up! 


Get Your Beauty Sleep

Get your beauty sleep. Late nights or disrupted sleep patterns can play havoc with your skin over time but sleep is vital in repair and rejuvenation, so don’t skimp on it!

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