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Examples of winter equestrian fashion pieces from Equetech, Dressage Deluxe, and The Spanish Boot Company.


As most British people will agree, winter anywhere outside of the house or an indoor shopping mall is never really nice! Thankfully for the MirrorMePR team, most of our shoots take place in the Summer months; however, we still have to do recces during Autumn/Winter and so keeping warm and dry on location is an absolute must for us! As a previous personal stylist, my top tips for this kind of dressing encompass the following.

Firstly, I tend to work with layers, because very often if we do go on location we will always end up indoors afterwards (hopefully somewhere warm)! Thus, wearing a number of thin layers allows you to regulate your body temperature – without looking like Michelin Man!

I also prefer a technical base layer that wicks away sweat, because we often have to do a lot of running around on location! If I am wearing jeans, I wear woolly tights and always a hat, scarf and gloves (Snow & Rock do great silk inner gloves). These really help retain the heat, allowing you to wear a slimmer pair of gloves which you can actually keep on even when taking photos and making notes!

The great thing about this season’s winter equestrian fashion is that ski wear has been a really strong influence, not only in terms of styling but also technical properties, which means warmer, more stylish and more functional riding wear! This Paula Jacket by Spooks, which is sold through our retailer Dressage Deluxe, ticks this big trend!

A good pair of boots are essential for trudging around yards, fields and even over muck heaps (yes, we have done the latter!!). I love our client The Spanish Boot Company‘s Classic Riding Boots. They come in a rubber super grip sole and are so comfortable yet look great as well – ticking all my boxes when looking for location work wear!

I always have a big winter coat with a hood and this coat from Equetech is my winter essential – it is incredibly warm and even has a mini peak on the faux fur lined hood to beat the extreme weather conditions (because, if you don’t know us horsey people, just to give you an idea, we do carry on whatever winter throws at us; rain, hailstones, snow or storm!)

If you are properly dressed for the weather, take it from me, you can concentrate and work more effectively… though in my case, maybe it’s also the thought of getting home and putting my feet up in front of a roaring open fire!