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MirrorMePR is an Award-Winning Marketing Agency with collectively over 35 years of industry experience. We take 360 approach to marketing. In this blog, we discuss what marketing is and why it is so important to have a strong strategy and presence for your business. We also share our top tips on how to use harness it’s power.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the art of promoting and selling your services or products. This is rather a broad definition of marketing as it encompasses so many different areas. In this blog, our expert team break down the different areas you can harness to promote your business and products.

Public Relations

We often get asked;

“Are PR & Marketing The Same Thing?”

Technically, PR is a type of marketing. PR is a fantastic tool for public communications and narrative. Public Relations activity is beneficial to all businesses from SME’s through to substantial global enterprises. PR allows you to manage the tone of voice and angles of information you choose to present to the public. Public relations is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Alongside social media, email marketing and website content, PR is at the core of brand awareness.


Social Media Management

Your social media channels are a superb marketing tool for your business and an essential element to your marketing funnel. You need a degree of expertise to manage business social media channels to ensure that the content reflects your business goals. Whether you choose marketing on Instagram or Facebook, your ideas need to reflect your business goals. Running giveaways, working with influencers or running social media advertising campaigns, there are lots of ways that your social media channels can benefit your social media marketing efforts.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has continued to rise and rise, with more brands forecast to incorporate this type of promotion within their marketing budgets year on year. Collaborating with an influencer can bring lots of benefits to your brand, including direct sales for an influencer campaign, but you need to choose carefully. Aligning your brand with the right fit is imperative.



Podcasts are a powerful marketing tool. Showcase your skills and knowledge with podcasts, and you could win yourself over new customers and reach a wider audience. Establishing your brand as experts within your sector is a fantastic use of effective marketing.


Website Design

Your website design will be critical to your marketing efforts. A well-designed website with carefully crafted content will not only help with your search engine optimisation efforts but also ensure that your E-commence works effectively. Good website design and great website blog content  also allows a seamless experience for visitors with easy navigation around your website. Whether you are selling services or products, your website should be your ‘shop window’. Your website is a fantastic place to share your news and even embed videos. Use your business website as a marketing tool for your company.


Brand Name Choice

Your business name could even be part of your marketing. It should define you and could also indicate your sector or what your company offers. For example, our company name is MirrorMe PR. The marketing concept behind our name is that as a marketing & PR agency, we see ourselves as a ‘reflection of your brand’. When you are thinking about your brand name, choose something unique. However, be prepared for some competitors to copy your business name. Slight variations of spelling or sequence of words are often an underhanded attempt to steal search engine traffic. This is where your marketing efforts need to be reliable and consistent. Ultimately, a professional company will have done their research to create a name that is unique to their sector.


Photography & Editing

There is a saying that ‘An image speaks a thousand words’ and when it comes to marketing your brand, this couldn’t be nearer the truth! Good quality photography is at the heart of your visual representation to the outside world. Money spent on good quality photography is money well spent. A good photographer will also be a good editor and editing your images, from photoshop through to artistic cropping can make all the difference to the ethos behind your company name. Whether you are taking photographs of your team or your products, choose photography that presents your business in its best light.


Product Development

Our marketing team have a wealth of experience, helping our clients develop their products and ranges. You need a strategy before you even begin any product development. Knowing your target customer is imperative and working closely with your marketing is essential. You may have a fantastic idea for a new product or collection, but you need to think about how you will present it to the public. Your marketing manager will know how to tap into your focus demographic and will be able to come up with campaigns and ideas to support this vision.



Paid advertising, whether in print or digital, is going to form part of your marketing plans. Magazine and newspaper advertising is classed as traditional media and is still a trusted source of information according to consumers. Advertising on social media forms the basis to most businesses’ promotion, even if it’s just an occasional boost on Facebook. Google adverts can also prove lucrative to some companies and sectors. Advertising can also extend to paid sponsorship of events, visual branding on vehicles and even athletes clothing.


Search Engine Optimisation

We work closely with our clients and web designers to ensure that our brands have the best possible SEO on their websites to help with their organic ranking. Our qualified copywriting experts help craft unique content and blog content embracing keyword words and terms that help them get the marketing edge on their competitors.


As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, what will marketing look like in the future? Although we don’t have a crystal ball, historically, brands have and will continue to search for savvy ways in which they can promote their products. Whether it’s utilising a new and exciting form of technology, the arrival of (another) new social platform or just tapping into trends, marketing is here to stay!


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