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You’ve met the partner of your dreams. They are everything you ever wanted and more, and they own a horse too. (Could it get any better? Fellow equestrians reading will ask to the latter) But if you don’t know your Martingale from your Leg Yield, the MirrorMePR Equine PR Team present your beginners guide to dating an equestrian and the inner meaning of familiar phrases.


“I’ll Be Home In An Hour”

Add at least another 45 minutes to this statement. As experts in equine PR, we know for equestrians, time spent at the yard flies by. For you, the non-horsey partner it would probably drag into what feels like an eternity. Our recommendation: Wait for the phone call to say they’ve left the yard before putting dinner on.


“Why Don’t We Go Away Thursday/Friday Rather Than The Weekend.”

This is because I have a show booked in that I haven’t told you about and now you want to go away for a romantic break. Weekends are for my horse and competing so, and please accept this and work plans around my time with my horse.


“I fancy an early night in, I’ve Had A Busy Week.”

Yes, but that won’t stop me getting up at 7 am tomorrow to get to the yard.


“You Are More Than Welcome To Come To The Yard”

You are more than welcome to come to the yard and watch me ride then help me with all those physical chores I need to do, plus those that I would like to do but can’t manage on my own.


“Blaze Didn’t Feel Right”

Be prepared for a sleepless night or maybe more. Worst case scenario: Extensive dialogue with the ‘trainer’, evenings spent on forums discussing symptoms, vet bills and emotional Armageddon.


“Blaze Felt Amazing In My Lesson”

Be prepared for a sunny blissfully happy few days. As experts in equine PR, we know this is the perfect time to broach the subject of your beloved equestrian’s habit of washing your smalls with Blazes’ saddle pads.


‘Of Course, I Love You’

Don’t ever ask if she loves you more than her horse. Like EVER.


“Blaze Needs A New Rug”

That means, please buy Blaze a new rug. Otherwise translated as: ‘Or we will be both be dining on beans on toast for the foreseeable future’.


“Sarah At The Yard Has A Fantastic New Rug”

You need to buy this for your beloved equestrian.


“Thanks For Coming To The Show. I Really Appreciated The Support”

Thanks for coming down and watching us lose the class, buy me lunch (while I cried) and help me with Blaze. I really love you.


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