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Keeping your un-horsey partner happy when there are three of you in the relationship (That’s you, him and the horse) is a delicate balance. However, our Equine PR department have come up with a few suggestions to keep your partner (human not horse) on your side!

DO make an effort and buy a ready meal and cook something at least once a week (After all going to the supermarket means you can also pick up those essentials such as Soducrem, carrots and tail brush)

DON’T make him feel left out – include him in ALL your horsey activities. This way he is more likely to opt OUT of going to the yard and sitting with 10 other women talking tack for hours (literally).

DO the ‘horse’ washing with only horse washing (Including his smalls in that bandages/saddlecloth and boots wash won’t go down well)

DON’T hang all your horse washing over every available radiator in the house to dry (Or if you do, remove at least an hour before he arrives home) and light some scented candles everywhere. If he asks why the candles – you can say you are creating a lovely welcome home vibe and then present the ready meal. Bonus points.

DO clean his leather shoes when you take your tack home for a spruce up. Don’t mention the tack cleaning and the fact you might have used the dishwasher to clean your horse’s bits and stirrups.

DO try and stay awake on a Saturday night if you have been at a competition all day. Having a bath, drink, dinner and then passing out on the sofa by 8pm won’t go down well.

DO the horses early one day at the weekend and arrive home at a remarkably decent hour because no one else was at the yard to chat for hours about mud, rugs, turn out or falling off.

DO wash your cups up properly at home. The standard ‘swirl luke or cold water around the mug then stack’ yard routine for washing up is not the standard your partner or guests will appreciate.

From everyone at Equine PR team – good luck! Hopefully these tips will work so well, he may even offer to do the early Saturday yard trip…… wishful thinking!

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