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We love a spa day, and as award-winning beauty experts, we’re always looking for the next big spa treatment trend. In this blog, we share the best spa treatments you need to book and why.

Forest Bathing

Back to nature is big news for the spa industry and forest bathing is one spa treatment you need to book! Forest bathing is a Japanese type of relaxation and focuses on being calm and quiet amongst nature. Shinrin-yoku connects your mind and body with the sounds of nature and a sense of being. This spa treatment is something we have tried and loved! Our favourite find is Aqua Sana in the Sherwood Forest, where they bring the outside inside with massive glass walls that connect nature with spa treatments all year round. A forest spa we would certainly recommend!


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is no longer ‘hippy but more ‘hip’ as more spas on board the trend for incorporating crystals in their treatment menu. The treatment is tailored using crystals to explore which chakras are blocked and can include mediation and massage. Our favourite find is Boringdon Hall, which bring together meditation, full body massage, rose quartz crystal facial and scalp massage. 


CBD Oil Treatments

We are huge fans of CBD oil, and this trend is undoubtedly set to grow as the power of CBD oil continues to be embraced by the beauty industry. Studies have shown that CBD has fantastic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities, so it’s not surprising that it’s on the treatment menu for many of the best London skincare clinics. Our favourite is Young LDN, based in Nottinghill, London, which offer a CBD oil facial followed by a rejuvenating organic clay mask treatment. 


Pets Yoga

Oh my! THIS is everything! Pets Yoga London is a unique yoga centre that offers yoga classes with pets in central London. Yes, regardless of whether you own a pet, this exclusive yoga centre allows you the opportunity to combine gentle yoga with cuddle time with fur babies, from puppies to kittens and bunnies! 50% yoga, 50% cuddle time – where do we sign up, please?!


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