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Are you looking to raise your pet brand’s profile? Or maximise your opportunities on a new product launch? Our Pet PR & Marketing Team has a wealth of pet brand marketing experience. In this business blog, we share a few of our pet brand marketing tips from the experts.


Pet Brand Marketing Tips That Work

Every business is different. Find the best pet brand marketing tips that work for you. Some companies find that social media works best for them. Other pet brands find newsletter marketing is best. We know from experience that a multi-media approach works better than one or two marketing angles. Marketing your pet brand to consumers through the media works for every pet business, whether you choose to focus on trade media (B2B) or directly to the consumer through specialist media and/or mainstream media.


Timing Is Everything

If you’re looking to seed your story or products at a particular time of year, you need to promote it when the media start working on those issues. We often get approached by brands in September with a view to pushing their products for Christmas issues. Often there can be up to four months’ lead, so planning ahead is imperative. Your timing is everything when you are looking to launch your products. After all, no one will be interested in your festive-themed pet hamper in January! Speak to your pet PR agency to discuss timings so you are clear on timelines and what is achievable. 

Get Expert Pet Brand Marketing Help

It makes sense to get expert help with your pet brand marketing, but if budgets are tight, look for Business Coaching as a one-off cost to help direct your business without an ongoing retainer fee. Small pet brands often use our small business coaching services to help them make crucial marketing decisions that are right for their business. Whilst we look after PR & marketing for pet businesses which covers all areas, we offer stand-alone blog writing services which can help support SEO efforts and help build a library of content that your visitors will stay to read and establish you as the experts in your field.


Do A Google Search On Your Pet Brand 

Do a Google search on your pet brand and see what comes up. Are there any old social media channels you are no longer working on? Then close these down. If some website content comes up, does it need updating or reviewing? Seeing what your customers and potential customers will find when searching for your brand or products is a vital marketing exercise you need to do regularly.


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