How To Spot An Ethical Pet Brand
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Our Pet Brand Marketing Team are proud to represent some fantastic ethical pet brands and businesses. Whether you are a pet owner or looking to buy a gift for a pet lover, here are our essential tips for spotting an ethical pet brand.


Food For Thought

Not all pet food brands are created equally. Look for a pet brand that cares about where it sources its ingredients and meat and what it puts into the pet food. Animal welfare should be a priority. The same applies to pet treats, especially dog treats. It is not uncommon to find artificial colours, flavours and sugars in dog treats. Watch out for wheat, corn and soya, which can cause issues in dogs with allergies. An ethical pet food brand will ensure that the meat sources that they include are free-range and grass-fed. 


Eco Footprint

What is their eco-footprint? Do they offset their carbon footprint by giving back to the planet? Have they incorporate recycled materials in their packaging where possible? Where do they source materials and manufacture in the UK? Sometimes it isn’t always possible to source raw materials and manufacture in the UK, but what else is the pet brand doing to improve its eco-footprint? An ethical pet brand will care as much about their profits as they do about the planet.


Customer Service

An ethical pet brand will have excellent customer service at the heart of what they do. A company that cares about its customers will have excellent online reviews. They will care about their business reputation. It is worth checking these out online before parting with your money. Spend money with pet brands that care about their businesses and service.


Cheap Doesn’t Equal Better

Being an ethical pet brand doesn’t always equate to being cheaper. Following guidelines, achieving accreditation status, investing in staff and operating a business with morals doesn’t come cheap. All these costs add up and are reflected in the retail price. Companies that care should be upheld and supported. Most brands will detail their ethical credentials on their website and/or packaging. Rather than shop purely on price, take time to read about a brand to make an informed decision.


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