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As a top Equestrian PR company, we here at MMPR have a soft spot for horse themed promotional shoots, and one that’s caught our eye is this beautiful inspiration shoot for equestrian winter weddings. For those of you with your big day on the horizon, what better way to spend the happiest day of your life than with those most important to you – your family, your soon-to-be-husband, and of course, your horse! We adore the idea of a winter equestrian wedding and would love to see more of them happen! If you’re planning on having one yourself, then read on for our top tips to help make your day absolutely perfect.

One of the first decisions to make is whether you want to have actual horses at your big day or not. That might be a no-brainer, you’d think, but some venues aren’t always appropriate for horses! If you can’t imagine your wedding without them there, then the next step is to decide how to include them! Are you going to bring your own horse to join in the wedding photos, or are you going to hire a carriage service for you and your groom (or maybe even your guests!)? No matter what your decision, make sure you’re prepared for any potential mishaps – as we all know, horses have no regard for carefully laid plans, and if they are feeling mischievous or skittish on the big day then anything could happen, so be ready!

If you don’t manage to bring your horse along for the photographs, then a really sweet idea we’ve seen is the bride posing with her horse’s saddle, or weaving their bridles with flowers and using them in the background of other shots as a way to make it clear that even though they couldn’t attend, this VIP (or perhaps VIH?!) is still there in spirit.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to planning your winter equestrian wedding is, of course, the dress! Many will opt for a more traditional white piece, but Timothy Foxx has some stunning tweed wedding dress options worth your consideration in their wedding collection which are sure to leave all eyes (rightfully so) on you! But don’t forget the groom; there are some very dapper options for him such as this, and horse-shaped cufflinks and jewellery make a delightful accessories for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What equestrian wedding would be complete without decorations? It may seem a bit of a cliché , but a horseshoe motif is a sure thing! Not only a nod to your equestrian lifestyle, but a symbol of good luck, it would be madness not to include this. You can include the design on jewellery, wedding invites, placeholders, confetti and more! Of course, horseshoes are very in keeping with a traditional aesthetic, so for those of you who are thinking about injecting more colour, why not decorate with rosettes?

We’ve only given you a small slice of food for thought here, but for those of you wanting more inspiration for a winter equestrian wedding, be sure to check out our Equestrian Wedding Pinterest board for more ideas! If any of you have photos or stories about equestrian weddings, then why not share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or perhaps Instagram?

As an equestrian PR company, our team here at MirrorMePR are experts at working with riders, rider PAs, and sponsors; we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have for us, so make sure to get in contact with us here for more information.