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  1. Just as you need to keep warm and dry, so does your yard dog, so make sure he or she is dressed appropriately for the yard. Invest in some warm, waterproof  clothing so they are prepared, whatever the weather! Our clients Pink Whiskers and Dogissimo both do fantastic ranges of clothing that combine function and fashion!
  2. If you are planning on heading out for a long hack or lesson and locking your dog away in a stable or car, make sure you have somewhere warm and dry for him to lay. We use ‘Snuggle Safe’ heat pads for the MMPR dogs down at the stables during the winter months. They take minutes to heat up and stay warm for hours, so they are ideal for doggies!
  3. If your current routine down the yard involves early morning and evening visits, then make sure you dress your dog in a high viz or flashing light collar, so not only you and other people at the yard can see your dog, but also the horses too!
  4. We all know that horses can be a little more on the sharp side as temperatures drop, so it might be an idea to leave the dog in the yard rather than accompanying you to turn out the horses in the field (just in case!)
  5. Keep an eye on what your dog is eating down at the yard. We all know that they love to clean out feed bowls, but just be careful they aren’t eating one of the horse’s medications.
  6. On the subject of eating again, often a yard dog will love the taste of freshly trimmed hooves, but does the farrier or your horse being shod, love your dog sniffing around their legs and feet?
  7. Keep some old towels at the yard or in the boot of the car, so that you can dry your dog off or protect your seats if your dog comes back filthy from a hack. If you can bear to allow your dog to dry off naturally and then brush out all the mud, we are sure he would appreciate that much more than a cold hosing off at the yard!