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Halloween can be a pretty scary time for your pet. Our Pet PR Team share their top tips on how to keep your pet safe at Halloween time in this blog.


Halloween Treats Or Treat(ment) For Your Pets?

Keep your human Halloween treats well out of reach of your dog. Otherwise, you could be looking at a hefty vet’s bill. Chocolate is poisonous for dogs. As most dogs won’t take the time to peel off the wrappers before consuming, that’s also a lot of foil and plastic on the array of sweet treats too. 

Things That Go Pop, Bang & Crackle In The Night

Expect fireworks, firecrackers and plenty of crowd noise on and around the Halloween period. If your pet is noise sensitive, to keep your pet safe at Halloween time, either keep the curtains drawn and the TV volume up. If your dog suffers from noise sensitivity, speak to your vet about calmers and seek a professional dog trainer who can both assess and hopefully help you and your dog overcome this issue.


Decorations Disasters

If you are thinking of decorating your home or porch with decorations, then again be mindful of inquisitive dogs! A traditional pumpkin with a lit tea light is probably as appealing to you as it is to your nosey dog, so be careful! Balloons are also a popular decoration, but with a tendency to burst, they probably aren’t the best choice.


Keep Their Collars & ID On At All Times

Even if you are keeping your pets indoors during Halloween, keep their identification collars on, just in case they inadvertently escape. While your pet is microchipped, wearing a collar with your details could mean finding your pet sooner. Putting your dog on a lead in the garden for a toilet trip ensures that if they are startled by fireworks or noise, you have a secure hold on your dog to safely bring him back indoors. Keep your cat indoors from dusk till dawn.


Fancy Dress For Fido

There are lots of fabulous costumes around for your pet around Halloween time. However, make sure that your pet is happy and not stressed or hot in the ensemble. To keep your pet safe at Halloween, never leave your pet unsupervised wearing a costume either. Chewing and swallowing padding, bells, buckles, poppers etc. can be extremely dangerous. An open fire is also a hazard, as many of these costumes will be highly flammable. If in doubt, leave the dressing up to the humans.


Costume Fun

We might find dressing up in a ghoulish costume, complete with wig and make-up is fun but to your pet, suddenly appearing in a full Halloween costume can be really confusing and frightening. The same goes for Trick Or Treaters knocking on your door. Keeping your pet safe at Halloween may mean shutting them away during the festivities, especially when you are answering the door is advisable to avoid scaring your spooky visitors and your pet.


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