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I read in the papers this week that rock star Joss Stone had cancelled two gigs in the Caribbean when one of her dogs fell ill. She wrote a message on her Facebook page where she spoke about Missy (her dog) being the closest thing that she has to a child, no matter how silly that might seem to some.

Not long after, we had the ‘Boo and Pistol Gait’ whereby Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard had smuggled their also rock star-ishly named Yorkshire Terriers into Australia, whilst Depp was out there filming.

It seems that our celebs just can’t live without their dogs, and looking back over two decades, we’ve had some memorable pairings! Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell, Bo and Sunny (Barack and Michelle Obama’s Portuguese Water Dogs) and Lady Gaga with Koji, to name just a few celebrity dogs seen and heard!

I would have to agree that whilst smuggling them into another country is taking it to the extreme, I do think of my dogs as family and so where we go, they kind of come along as well. Admittedly, having handbag sized ones does make this a tad easier in every day life and you never fail to meet big dog owners who sigh in agreement that they wish they could stash their dogs away in a bag over their shoulder and take them shopping, to the cinema and out for sushi…OK maybe I exaggerate slightly but I really do miss them when they really can’t come along to a shoot or event.

Have I been known to call home and speak to them or include them in a Skype call? Absolutely. But then when you have dogs that are clever enough to buy you a Mother’s day card AND write it in… it’s the least I can do.


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