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Our MD and lifelong equestrian Ashley Rossiter reflects on the diversity of the equestrian world and talking horses in our latest blog post..

Chatting at the launch of a new networking group set up for London equestrians (Yes, it was nice to be inside somewhere clean, dry and warm and chat horses) we met so many different people from all walks of life and professions that evening. It really resinated with me, just how diverse the equestrian world is!

Looking back at my own yard life, amongst our liveries, we had an accountant, life coach (Handy when you fell off and it knocked your confidence) a high flying city worker, a doctor (Even more handy if you fell off), a TV make-up artist, a photographer’s agent and a stay at home mum, but we all had one common thread which held us together…our equestrian passion.

Where else would you find some a wide range of personalities and professions in one place, which all get along (And yes, the yard Christmas lunch was always a bit of an eye opener after some wine!)

I remember being a fashion stylist and heading off to a shoot after being at the yard at silly o’clock so that I could ride my horse and thinking that I could never mention this to anyone as they just wouldn’t get it!

Some years later I was flicking through a programme at a Polo event and recognised a model handing out an award whom I had worked with back in my styling days. It turned out she was now a big name in the equestrian world with a successful business selling quality horses across the globe now. When I finally bumped into her at an event with our equestrian pr team, we laughed about the fact we both now have careers in the equestrian world yet never spoke about horses on that shoot, despite it being an obvious passion in our lives even back then.

I suppose the moral of the story is share your equestrian passion in conversation and if their eyes start to glaze over – stop. But you never know who you might meet and where that conversation might take you!