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How come our client retention is so high? What’s the secret to our success for keeping our clients happy? In this blog, we share a few of our top tips for client happiness and longevity.

Get To Know Each Other

Like any new relationship, you need to get to know each other. Each client is different and each Marketing Manger, MD or Business Owner will have their own idea of how the perfect agency/business relationship should work. It is your job to explore and discuss any issues or challenges that might arise in this area so that you can both continue to move forward with the joint focus on helping build their business and brand.

Be Honest

We believe healthy relationships are based on honesty and being totally transparent with our clients.  Our MD, Ashley was a hugely successful celebrity fashion stylist before she began working in the PR sector and believes that honesty is always the best policy as she explains;

” As a celebrity stylist, I never lied about how fantastic someone looked in something if they didn’t, and if I didn’t think they were going in the right direction with their ‘look’, I would say something. Now in the PR world, the team and I pride ourselves in taking the same truthful approach with our clients.”

This doesn’t always win you brownie points all of the time. And sure there have been moments when we have thought that maybe we should bite our tongues and not say anything, but the truth of the matter is that we did and we still speak the truth. Fast forward to today, numerous awards attached to our agency name and we still have a stable full of great clients and great relationships with all of them.

Treat Clients With Respect

Treat your clients with the respect they deserve. Most brands have worked incredibly hard to get where they are today and that deserves a level of respect. Whether you are coaching a small start-up business or looking after social media marketing for a big international corporation, your job is to always to help advise, guide and gain brand exposure to your agency’s best ability. It is also important to understand that until you get to know each other they may well be a little over protective about what you can/can’t do. Some business owners find it easy to hand over the reins to their newly appointed PR & Marketing Agency. Others, find the idea very uncomfortable and whilst they may appreciate that they do need help, they might not be so willing to give you total ownership in this area. Respect and understanding how each client likes to work is important.

Don’t Over Promise & Under Deliver

Finally, make sure you don’t make promises or claims that you can’t keep. The worst thing you can do to a client is give them false hope on the possibility of exposure if there is a very good chance that it won’t happen. Managing client expectations is so important and whilst being good at selling yourself in the new business meeting might have won you a client, it won’t win you a long term or happy client and could be damaging to your reputation. Our brand experience proves that delivering what you think is achievable is essential for success.


Our Award Winning Agency continues to remain on The Drum Recommend Agency Register, as highly rated by our clients. We continue to work hard to delivery an outstanding service to our clients because what makes our clients happy, makes us happy.

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