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Here at MirrorMePR we take our client’s Social PR very seriously. With algorithms squeezing the reach out of your brand’s channels and the need to create even greater and more relevant content we continue to see a trend towards more and more brands opting for social PR, so what’s the difference between you posting and us posting?

We plan ahead – like, way ahead. We don’t mean we schedule the life out of your channels and forget about them but what we do do is carefully plan our client’s content, so we can plan your events, anniversaries and business highlights so while you’re busy selling, we are busy promoting you.

As a professional PR agency, we have over 30 years industry experience, and that counts for a lot. What you put on your social channels is just as much a reflection of you as the press release that gets used in print and digital. Making sure that both run seamlessly together and that key messages are trickle fed in beautiful harmony.

We are used to writing fabulous things on behalf of our clients, so we already understand what tone of voice your company has and what you should be saying, so you can say a lot without actually saying anything ☺

At an event setting up or buy selling to the public or perhaps you’re just trying to have a day off? That’s OK because we also respond and react to your channels comments and channel questions to the right departments, so you don’t have to be chained to your phone at times when you need freedom.

We review our client’s channels regularly. Each brand will have a monthly meeting dedicated to discussing performance, post content and brainstorming fresh new ideas to achieve our client’s end goals.

We take our training seriously. We don’t mean down the gym. We take courses, undergo exams and work hard so that we can keep our clients up to speed with changes because the digital landscape is forever evolving and our clients need to be ahead of the game.

See the difference? See it for real with our Social PR Services.

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