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With so many Equestrian PR & Marketing Agencies out there, choosing the right fit for your product or your brand can be difficult. In this blog, our team share their thoughts to help guide you in selecting the right Equestrian PR Agency for your equestrian business.


Knowledge Is Power

Choosing an Equine PR Marketing Agency which has extensive media contacts and excellent relationships with the press are going to be crucial to press exposure and the success of your equestrian business.

However, look at the broader picture:

How long have they been equestrian specialists within their field?

Do they understand and know the equestrian sector inside and out?

What benefits can this equestrian PR & Marketing agency bring to my equestrian business?

Do they have experience working across equestrian social media management?

Write a list of questions you would like to ask the equestrian pr agencies and monitor their response time and reaction.

Do they have any credentials to back their claims of brilliance?

For example, we have over 40 years collective industry experience and have many qualifications to our award-winning agency name. We strive to continue to extend our staff’s knowledge across the ever-changing digital and social landscape with up to date training.

Our training extends to SEO Copywriting and Social Media to ensure we can manage our clients’ accounts with confidence in the knowledge we know what we are doing. We can also advise our clients correctly on all aspects of their business. Our Social Media Services offer qualified expertise as well as tapping into our team’s creative background experience (mainstream journalism, fashion, music, film, photography).

This knowledge sets us apart from the crowd.

When choosing your Equine PR Agency look for their USP (unique selling points) to determine who fits the bill.

The Numbers Game

Some agencies can tend to gloss over that they are a one-person operation and will happily allow you to appoint them under the impression they have a physical team in-house. These companies will then outsource the work to freelancers on project work who then work remotely.

While there are lots of good freelancers out there, most are never asked to work under Non-Disclosure Contracts or are given a proper and full brief. This could leave your brand vulnerable to confidential information getting leaked and a disjointed brand presence. Don’t be afraid to ask who will be managing your account on a day to day level. It may not be the person you meet in the ‘pitch’.

MirrorMePR don’t work like this. Our Equestrian PR & Marketing Team who you meet are the Team that work on your account.

Our team are office based and committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients.

We believe that teamwork is teamwork and our regular weekly internal meetings to discuss our brands ensure that our client’s account team are fully briefed on any business developments or changes. We’ll also brainstorm ideas and angles. Again, critical to developing your brand profile. Our staff work under our strict guidelines and briefs and working in our office ensures that everything we deliver has the same brand tone of voice and brand message.

We might be a small team, but we are a mighty team!

Investment In Your Brand

We also invest back into our business. Unlike many other agencies, we actually invest back into staff training and also pay for numerous digital tools. These help us monitor and analyse our client’s social media and digital online presence. These platforms are not cheap and are a significant financial layout for our agency. However, as our track record and results show if you want to grow your digital brand awareness and beat your competitors, you have to stay informed.

We absorb these costs because we believe without them we can’t honestly offer your brand an Equestrian PR & Marketing service which is superior. If you do choose to invest in us, you’ll find that we don’t add on extra expenses ‘here or there’ without your prior consent of acknowledgement. Always ask the equestrian marketing agency about their expertise and training and how they will monitor and maintain your social media channels (if you are looking to them for social media pr and social media management).

Budget For An Equestrian PR & Marketing Agency

No matter what size of the brand, budgets are always a consideration. While you will be dictated by your spend to a large extent, be careful not to be lured in by unbelievable offers of ‘free’ or meagre rates.

What appears to be a bargain generally doesn’t turn out to offer value for money. Remember you are paying an equestrian pr and marketing agency for their talent, skills, knowledge and expertise and these come at a price.

What is the investment of time and energy from the Equestrian PR & Marketing Agency based on that low rate?

Nothing is free without some catch, and you are either paying a low price because the agency needs experience in this area to raise their profile (while piggybacking your brand) or the promises they laid out at the beginning will not be deliverable to your expectations.

Remember generating press exposure for new equestrian products is easier in the beginning when it is fresh and ‘new’. The hard work and creative expertise come into play after the first press release.

Talk To Them

We might be somewhat old-fashioned, but we always speak to prospective clients in the first instance.

So much can get lost in translation on email. We really want to get a feel for your business, your vision for your equestrian business or horsey product. We also value your enquiry enough to want to get to know you, another reason why we always pick up the phone, rather than email. Chatting through in that first informal chat allows both of us to decide if we could look to progress together or clarify what we need from you as an equestrian pr & marketing agency representing your brand. For example, if you don’t have a library of high-resolution professional images, it might be counterproductive to appoint us just yet, until you have these.

However, on the other hand, like many of our clients, you might want to appoint us to organise and art direct this crucial aspect of your marketing so that you get the best opportunities for press coverage. Remember, you are going to be working closely with your Equestrian PR & Marketing Agency, so you want to be able to enjoy that relationship. If it doesn’t feel right, then don’t move forward. We have the same principle in place and enjoy our working relationships with our clients.

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