8 Beauty Trends For 2020
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In this blog, our Beauty PR Team share their top 8 beauty trends for 2020, highlighting some of the key beauty industry trends we will be championing in our own bathroom cabinets this year.

2019 was undoubtedly a year of continued change in the beauty industry and 2020 is set to make even more impact!

Diversity Trends

The question of what defines beauty was a hot topic in the fashion and beauty world and continues to fill our magazine pages, and Instagram feeds. Positive body images and messaging are championing and challenging beauty perceptions. Empowered individuals making waves in a multi-million-pound industry included War Paint For Men, a fantastic make-up brand aimed at men and Look Fabulous Forever which was founded in 2013 by retired businesswoman Tricia Cusden and created specifically for older women.


Back To Basics

Stripping back on laborious skincare routines and reducing the need for multiple beauty products was a key feature for 2019; A culture of less is more when it came to time and products. We foresee this trend continuing with consumers streamlining their beauty routines and seeking out multi-use products. Less waste and mindful consumerism are the key beauty trends for 2020.


CBD Beauty

CBD was the ‘buzz’ word for 2019. You found it in potions, lotions, creams and oils and the luxury beauty therapy sector even started to incorporate this wonderful ingredient in their facial treatments. We predict that 2020 will continue to see the rise of this previously overlooked ingredient which is said to have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and help reduce redness and sebum production.


Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Veganism is set to skyrocket by 327% for 2020 according to a survey by Finder, and cruelty-free is certainly a strong movement which continues to grow. Combining the two is a potent blend for success in 2020, and one brand that is setting the benchmark is BYBI. Launched in 2017, they also tick the sustainability and eco boxes from ingredients through to manufacturing and packaging. 


Anti- Pollution 

Flash-back over the past decade and sun protection was only really starting to be incorporated into our beauty creams and now it’s a staple. We predict the growth in anti-pollution products to help protect and add a barrier against 21st-century ageing as the impactful beauty trends this year.


A Beautiful Planet

Your bathroom cabinet will continue to evolve and change as more and more brands are forced by consumer demand to reduce their eco-footprint with more environmentally friendly packaging solutions and also review their production impact on the planet as beauty trends seek to save the planet. 


Self-Care Beauty Trends

Google searches for the term ‘self-care’ have increased 100% over the past five years, and it’s this growing holistic approach to living and being which is also having a positive impact on the beauty industry. In 2020 we predict that even more connections will be made by brands to connect their beauty products with a mental well-being focus.


Personalised Skincare

From microbiomes and genetics, personalised skincare will develop and become ‘a thing’. Analysing your skin and monitoring performance of products to reveal if your skin products are actually working will become a science available to us all, not just within the confines of a laboratory. High tech beauty trends that will become more accessible to all of us.


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