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At MirrorMePR, we are lucky enough to be able to bring our dogs to work, so are there any rules to bringing your dog to work? We share 6 tips for a dog-friendly office life.

Our Canine PR Team ensure that your colleagues and your collie hit it off…

Be Respectful Of People’s Workspace

Whilst you might love the fact that your dog wants cuddles but not everyone will love being jumped on or their tights being transformed into fishnets courtesy of your dog scrambling up their legs and in their face.

Cupboard Love Tips

Don’t let your dog ‘food stare’ your fellow workers when they are trying to eat their lunch at their desks. Keep your dog next to you and if you have a food thief in your midst, make sure he is does not go near the kitchen or the bins and ask fellow workers if they can put their food waste in the kitchen bin. In their desk bin will be very tempting to a rubbish bin thief!

Go Walkies

Use your breaks to walk your dog NOT surf the net, especially if you insist on your dog staying in his bed at your desk – fairs, fair and remember they will need regular toilet breaks too!

Slippery Moments

Keep a bowl of water out for them but not somewhere where people are going to trip and slip over! Remember to avoid under your desk, electrical cables and water are not a good mix!

A Dog-Friendly Office That Doesn’t Smell Of Dogs

Bring a fresh, clean towel to work in case your dog gets wet in his lunchtime walk. We haven’t met anyone who really loves the smell of wet dog. A quick towel dry should make him a bit more presentable returning to the office.

This Is My Patch

Be careful of territorial dogs in the office place. Whilst you might like your house guarded, you don’t want someone coming over to borrow your stapler as a potential threat. The same goes for couriers and the postman.

Introduce The Idea Slowly

Your boss might not be overly excited at the prospect of bringing your dog into the office. Why not piggyback Bring Your Dog To Work Day to raise money for valuable charities and sneak your dog into the office and persuade your boss that a dog-friendly office is the way to go!