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To say we are excited about Rio in the office is an understatement. Representing some seriously high profile equestrian brands, means that have quite a few of our client’s associated riders heading out to represent both the UK and a few – their homelands.

Equestrianism is a core part of our business and all of the MirrorMePR team, whether they work exclusively on the canine or luxury side of the business are all rooting for our riders and of course, all of Team GB.

I really hope the equestrian sports get the coverage they deserve. London 2012 was an amazing highlight for equestrian sport, thanks to our amazing British team and I really hope that success and consequently the media does not forget Gold and Silver medals when it comes to covering Rio and equestrianism.

What I loved about the last Olympics, apart from the fact that we again had riders we knew competing for Team GB, was the fact that so many non-equestrians also embraced our various disciplines. From ‘dancing horses’ through to the skills of show-jumping and excitement of the eventers, the comments we had as an agency following the games really propelled riding into the forefront of people’s minds and changed many attitudes from ‘its not a skill riding’ to actually appreciating the skill and partnerships those riders had with their horses. I thought the commentary was outstanding in TV coverage and really explained the art and finesse of each discipline live and on going and it was well documented following 2012 that participation rates increased. Whilst these may have slowly declined since 2012, we hope that following another Olympics that interest and participation will increase once again and remain steady.

With an uncertain future economically we might not see the immediate increase in horse sales enquiries as was seen in the last Olympics but hopefully it will revive a childhood passion or enflame a secret desire or even inspire a new generation to try riding. Here’s hoping for Gold in more then just medals for equestrian sport.