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Getting the balance right between being suitably dressed for the countryside and looking like you are dressing up for a country ‘themed’ fancy dress party is admittedly a fine line.

How do you dress like a country gent convincingly?

Here are our fashion tips for city gents who want to step out of the smoke and into the fields in style.

  • There is a certainly a uniform for guys when it comes to country wear. However, don’t lose your true style identity in the pursuit of ‘fitting in’ with the country set. Incorporate your slick city tailoring through more durable fabrics such as cotton drill, cord trousers and tailored single-breasted jackets in tweed or wool. Choose contemporary over classic if you want to keep country cool.


  • Remember country styling is both smart and practical. So, when it comes to footwear, choose sensibly. Lace up brogue shoes is perfect for the manor house. But, if you are hiking across a field in search of the nearest ‘Bistro’ pub, wellington boots or lace up ankle high industrial boots are a better fit.


  • Socks should be teamed with above choice of footwear and trialled before heading off on a 4-hour walk to save feet from mammoth blisters and enduring agony.


  • Knitwear should either be super light and skinny or oversized and chunky. In-between will just look naff and dated. Comedy ‘sheep’ jumpers won’t win you fans either, even with the local farmer.


  • Don’t be afraid to team striped and plaid shirting with your tweed jacket by picking out a hue from the jacket’s check and incorporating it into your shirt, you will tie it all together (we promise).


  • A tweed cap or trilby hat will complete the look and ensure that your perfectly coiffured hair is not messed with on wind swept hills (just remember hair wax in the man bag).


  • Just because you are in the countryside, doesn’t mean you have to throw all caution out of the window, or anything else for that matter – ‘remember to keep our country tidy’. A practical rucksack or satchel is essential for stashing those essentials, such as a map (here in the countryside, sat navs sometimes fail) portable mobile charger (it could be miles before you reach a power point and think of all those epic shots you can take on your phone for Instagram), a waterproof layer (because the countryside has it’s own eco system), drinks, snacks and a waterproof/fleece blanket to sit on, you might just want to take a moment or two and enjoy your time away from urbanisation.


  • Taking the city dog to the country as well? Well, if he isn’t the type to wallow in mud or dive into rivers, then tweed is a good shout not only will he look the part even if the biggest expanse of land he’s ever seen is Richmond Park.

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Image courtesy of Butler Stewart Clothing.