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We live and breathe luxury interior design! Our luxury lifestyle team share their expert tips with four luxury interior ideas you can try at home in this quick read.


Go Big, Go Bold

Luxury interiors have the space to go for bold statement furniture, artwork or accessories. If you live in a small house or apartment, there is no reason why you can’t adopt this luxury interior trend but simply scale it down slightly to transform your home. Choosing a bold piece of artwork or wall art is easy to incorporate into your existing interior but can instantly bring something unique to a room or setting. Taking colour inspiration from your artwork, seed elements throughout the room with cushions, throws and other accessories for an easy luxury interior idea.


Beautiful Botanical

The botanical trend is one interior trend that we absolutely love. Incorporating inspiration from nature and we love the simplicity and versatility. Choose botanical prints for soft furnishings, or add a big leafy faux palm in a sculptural wicker vase to a forgotten corner of the room. Grouping plants in varying-sized planters can look impressive both indoors and in the garden. An oversized Planter creates a dramatic entrance to the front entrance of any home. Double up and position both sides of the doorway, and they make an impressive first impression.


Tactile Luxury You Can Feel!

Choose accessories for your home that feel and look equally impressive. For soft furnishings, choose textural fabrics that feel luxurious. Choose velvet cushions and textured cushions to elevate your sofa or bed. Add a quality faux fur throw to your sofa, bed or favourite armchair for a cosy addition to your furniture. A textured decorative ornament inspired by nature, such as a coral or driftwood ornament are spectacular additions to any home.


Clutter-Free Luxury Interior Ideas

Luxury homes may vary in style and design. One aspect you will always find is that they are always a clutter-free environment. If integrated storage isn’t a solution, opt for attractive storage boxes and baskets. Keep your living room, bedrooms, bathroom and home office tidy and clutter-free with stylish storage solutions you can leave on show.


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