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Here at MirrorMePR our Canine PR Department we know it’s not only us humans that feel the cold, so make life less miserable for your pooch – with our top 6 tips for winter fun..

Take into consideration your dog’s age and breed. A young puppy or older dog is more likely to feel the cold and if your dog hasn’t been bred to survive sub zero temperatures he will probably feel the cold as much as you! Investing in a good well fitting coat for outdoor wear for your dog will allow him to enjoy his winter walks too.


Carry towels in the boot of your car if you are planning a long walk. A wet dog can quickly turn into a cold dog so be prepared for puddle diving or getting caught out in the rain so that your dog can dry off and keep warm on the journey home.


If you own a small breed, remember that he will be much closer to the ground than a Great Dane, so if it’s a winter wonderland walk you are doing through the snow, spare a thought for your small dog. Belly height trying to leap through 2 inches or more of snow, might be fun for a short while but be prepared to cut the walk short if he seems to lose enthusiasm! A coat that covers his tummy will also be much appreciated by a small dog.


Be careful of the salt that is used to melt the ice and snow on pavements. These chemicals can be toxic if ingested by your dog so avoid walking the streets if they have been treated and make sure you wash off your dogs paws as soon as you get home so when he does lick his paws, he won’t come to any harm


You can buy dog booties which help keep paws dry, warm and clean but are probably best left to steady walks on the lead as oppose to a run in the park and some dogs will not tolerate wearing booties, however much you try (Yes most of our Canine PR department have!)


Be careful where you walk if you do have a covering of the white stuff. Taking an adventure across country in unknown territory could lead to your dog or you falling down rabbit holes, walking on iced lakes etc., without even realising so be safe and stick to routes you know well.


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