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With the doping scandal in racing and now being highlighted in the world of endurance, it begs the question just how rife is it?


Despite random dope testing in place, it seems that the equestrian world is still bringing to the fore high profile cases across all disciplines. The FEI even has it’s own website dedicated to their own anti-doping efforts and it seems with information such as this freely available to all these days, that pleading ignorance is never going to be a plausible excuse.


High profile athletes in any sport should appreciate that they have a responsibility to act as good role models and as a rider at any level, your main priority should always be that your equine athlete’s health and welfare are never compromised in the quest for success.


One of our clients Han Van De Brakk MD of Aloeride, the natural aloe vera supplement made a valid point recently that its not only illegal and unfair, but the detrimental effect that certain drugs can have on the horse’s heart and liver function and immune system is considerable.


Let’s hope that there can be a ‘positive’ (excuse the pun) outcome from recent high profile cases, which will ensure that equestrian sport is back in the news for all the right reasons.