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So you’ve discovered Pinterest and are wondering what value it can bring to your business? In this blog we share some stats and tips from our pin-up girls, aka the MirrorMePR Team!
Pinterest currently has 478 million monthly active users, that’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your brand!
Not only do we immerse ourselves in pinning and growing our own Pinterest boards but we also manage a few of our clients too. Choosing to create boards and content that reflects your brand is important, after all your choice of board and pins should mirror who and what your brand does and loves. Here are our 5 quick Pinterest expert tips:
  1. Keep Your Boards On Brand – don’t waver off topic!
  2. Spend Time On Your Pin Descriptions – spend time writing your pin descriptions for better search and discovery.
  3. Create Secret Boards For Product Development To Share With Your Team – time saving and easy to collaborate on
  4. Find Out What Is Being Pinned From Your Site: Type the following into your internet browser:[yourURL] And you’ll see all the latest content pinned from your site – providing valuable insight.
  5. Be Consistent: As with all things social media, be consistent and pin regularly!
You can check out our growing collection of boards by clicking HERE