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We read a really great article recently in one of our trade titles that was talking about the relationship between the client and PR agent, and much of it really resonated with us, particularly in relation to country lifestyle PR.


The general focus of the feature was about the importance of having great relationships with your clients, but it was also about how important it is for the client to listen to your advice and take on board your thoughts and suggestions (even if, in the end, they decide not to follow it or go with them!). After all, two-way communication lays fertile ground for ideas to grow and develop.


We have always gone with my gut feeling when it comes to choosing which brands MirrorMePR works with/represents. Our MD freelanced for many years with various agencies and had seen first hand that if the vision isn’t the same for the PR and the brand, it can not only be detrimental to your agency reputation in the long run, but also causes nothing but a headache for the poor account manager who has to deal with the fall out!


The downside is that we do turn business down by choice because “it just doesn’t feel right”, but on the plus side we end up enjoying coming to work and have super long lasting relationships with our clients.


As a former stylist, our MD always went into a pitch believing that she could offer the prospective artist or celebrity something different and worthwhile, and this is the ethos which we still retain. So, when we are invited to pitch these days and the prospective client is very late, takes calls during our meeting (talking at length), or, worst of all, doesn’t actually turn up themselves and sends someone else who can’t make executive decisions, then we just have to walk away.

After all, respect is a two way street and something that is needed on both sides. Indeed, we have always been a firm believer that if you give respect then (hopefully) you will get it back!

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