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Want to pop the question in a unique way and involve your furry friends? Here at MirrorMePR the Equine & Canine PR teams have been busy brainstorming and have come up with some fun and novel ways to pop the question to your horse- or dog- mad other half (and if you’re wondering –  yes, we had fun thinking up some of these!).

For the horsey special someone in your life, how about decorating one of their beloved horse’s shoes with some wedding decor and tying a ring to the design with a note popping the question? Take a look at this really sweet example over on Pinterest, and see if you can come up with your own personal design!

If your dog is the centre of your world (or your partner’s) – how about a dog tag that asks the all-important question? It’s quirky and romantic, and perhaps best of all,  your other half WON’T be expecting that at all (make sure to snap a picture of their shocked and overjoyed expression if you can!).

If you’re planning to pop the question in the autumn, then why not get a special doggie coat embroidered with your proposal? Not only is this too cute for words, but would make for some great engagement photos and can involve the whole family!

If you’re feeling super confident that your horsey other half will say yes, and know that they love grand public displays of affection, then why not pop the question over the tannoy at a competition or show? It’s probably best to do it after they have competed, though – you don’t want the blame for putting them off!

For more fun ideas for things to do with your dog, or country wedding inspiration, go browse through MirrorMePR’s blog page for more posts by our Canine PR Team!