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A girl wearing a hat and coat tying the laces of running shoes, as advised by our country PR team.

OK, we know. The idea of getting fit outdoors during the winter months can seem to to be less than appealing when it’s teaming it down with rain or the temperature is in single figures. However, the MirrorMePR country PR team have some great tips to convince you to get outside and get fit:

Wearing The Right Clothing

As with any sport, wearing the right clothing is crucial, if you want to be comfortable. If you are doing a sport in the great outdoors in the middle of winter then it’s even more important that your clothing is warm but breathable. Choose layers which wick away the moisture from your body, so you don’t catch a chill as you cool down afterwards. Also, if you sweat you’ll lose fluids, which has a negative impact on your health and well-being.

Be Safe

With fewer daylight hours during the winter months, make sure that if you don’t get caught out in the dark (literally) when you exercise outdoors. Stay safe by wearing hi-vis clothing/ lights (if you are riding a horse or bike), and for personal safety, it might be an idea to think about joining an after work running club. This way you can still enjoy exercising outdoors, but in a group, as opposed to running alone in the dark. Remember, there is safety in numbers!

Stay Hydrated

It’s not just the hot summer months that you need to stay hydrated, drinking fluids is also essential in the colder months. Your risk of dehydration actually INCREASES during the winter months. Why? Because in cold weather, we are less thirsty, so we naturally drink less! Our country PR team advise keeping up your fluids whilst exercising, which also means you’ll also suffer less muscle fatigue, cramps and be less susceptible to cold and flu – so keep hydrated!

Take Advantage Of The Good Weather

When it’s not raining/snowing/blowing a gale, take advantage and ramp up your fitness routine. Take a longer detour on your bike or push yourself to run for an extra 10 minutes. Set out some fitness goals over the winter. They could be fitness related, but they might also tie in with an overall healthier lifestyle: drinking less alcohol, eating healthier food or even getting 8 hours sleep.

We know winter is tough, but by keeping fit and exercising regularly, especially outside, you’ll beat those winter blues and feel and look fantastic come spring!

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