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At MirrorMePR our MD is a professional in Luxury PR and one aspect of our job we love is a photo shoot, whether it’s in the studio or out on location.  The opportunity to get creative and build great ideas from mood boards through to delivery of amazing images harks back to the MirrorMePR team’s fashion experience from styling through to retail merchandising. Having a creative eye is key, but putting together a fabulous team of photographers, stylists and hair and make-up takes knowledge, negotiation and ultimately contacts.

As a former celebrity and fashion stylist, our MD also offers something which no other agency in our sector can – over 25 years experience working at the highest level. This means that not only does this benefit our lifestyle and country fashion clients but also means that our pure equestrian and canine brands are also party to the same expert help from choosing the right photographer, location, models, etc. through to help on final editing selections on images.   Because we also do PR we approach our photo shoots with forethought on not just creating great visuals, but a story that will sell your products from the perfect Instagram shot, the best-selling visual on your product or range or the shot that best sums up the personality of your brand.  Our former fashion background also ensures that just because a look is so ‘right now’ we know it won’t be in 6 – 12 months, so we won’t waste your budget or time creating images that you won’t be able to use in 6 months time either.

And when it comes to terrible shots, we’ve seen everything out there. From out of focus images, models which don’t fit the brand (or clothes in some instances) bad lighting, dreadful photoshopping and clothing that begged for a good steam and we’ve often wondered how this disconnect between the ‘real world’ and some of these brands is still there?

Our experience working with animals means we also know how to work with our canine and equine friends to also get the best out of them too and again which photographers personality and working style will add something fantastic to your brand’s final images. A portfolio tells you a lot but knowing how a particular photographer works and how they interact with their subjects (Human, horse or hound!) is something it won’t tell you., but we can.

In a highly visual world where image is (nearly) everything when it comes to grabbing the consumer’s attention, you need to invest in your brand because if you don’t value your brand, how can you expect people to ‘buy’ into it either?

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