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June 25th – July 2nd, 2017 is dog bite prevention week and sits alongside an annual convention which brings together top presenters, celebrity dog trainers and animal behaviourists to discuss all aspects of training and communication with our dogs with an emphasis on providing education and entertainment. Therefore it would only be right for MirrorMePR’s very own UK Dog PR Team to highlight their top tips to keeping our pooches happy!

We are lucky enough to bring our pooches into work every day so we thought we would share our tips for keeping your pooch and colleagues happy and in harmony!

Make sure your office dog has his ‘safe’ place, somewhere he can sleep and relax without being fussed over and ensure your colleagues know not to touch your dog if he is sat on his bed. Choose a place away from the main walkway or busy areas so your dog can snooze peacefully while you work.

Dogs and food can be a tricky area if not handled carefully. Fortunately, our dogs are respectful of each other at meal times and with treats and don’t feel threatened by humans interacting with them when they are eating. However, we do still ask everyone to respect the dogs when they are eating and not touch or fuss them.

One of our office dogs is very nervous, so we ask visitors not to try and fuss her when they arrive. As a rescue dog we don’t know all of her history, and although she has never snapped at anyone, we don’t want to find ourselves in an awkward situation. A nervous dog needs space and respect, and by asking visitors to ignore her barking on arrival, she does settle down quickly and will eventually come over and greet them.

Puppies are still learning the rules, and if the play gets rough with a human, they still nip and mouth. If you have a young puppy and are bringing him into work and your colleagues (obviously), want to play with them, ask them to play with a chew tug toy as opposed to just hands as you don’t want to encourage a young dog to nip at hands, even during play.

Finally if you do find that your dog is starting to show undesirable behaviour, then don’t be afraid to seek help from a professional dog trainer before it becomes established and harder to solve.

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