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If you thought canine fashion was just some fancy, frivolous fun, then it might be time to think again. Here at MirrorMe canine PR, we’ve looked into why you should invest in your dog’s wardrobe this winter.

It’s Cold Outside Baby

Just as we feel the cold, so do our canine friends. Factors such as your dog’s age and breed will both affect how cold your dog will get. Younger and older dogs are not well equipped to deal with the cold and dogs with fine coats, as well as those that come from warmer climates, will also feel a chill.

Protect & Perform

Practical winter clothing for your dog has become as technical as our own. Here at MirrorMe canine PR, we believe that you should look out for breathable and waterproof fabrics, and for those doggies who love a night-time walk, clothing with high vis properties to ensure that you are both seen in those country lanes.

A Layer Of Love

Layering your dog’s clothing can greatly help older dogs. Putting a warm slim fleece under an overcoat means that once your veteran gets moving, you can easily remove his outer jacket. This way your canine friend can keep warm on his winter walk without stripping off completely.

Winter Wonderland

Don’t forget that while your dog may love to play in the snow, he or she will get cold quickly. This is especially true of small dogs who are naturally lower to the ground. In colder cities, it is not uncommon to see dogs with doggie boots on. These boots can help protect your dog’s paws from the toxins in the de-icer that is spread on city pavements.

Lounge Wear

If you live in an open plan home with wooden flooring, no matter how good your insulation or heating, it can still feel a bit chilly for your dog. Dressing your dog whilst indoors, such as in a lightweight fleece or a knitted sweater, offers a warm layer to lounge around in and gives your dog that extra bit of protection.

For more handy tips in case this cold spell is here to stay, the MirrorMe canine PR team would suggest reading our blog on keeping your dog warm in cold weather.