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Here at Mirror Me PR we’re one of the best Canine UK PR Agencies and with so much in the news about illegal puppy farms, the MirrorMePR canine team wanted to share some of our top tips for buying a puppy.

Firstly you need to decide what kind of dog you want. Do you have time for a puppy? To invest into its training and work through the chewing and toileting phase? Puppies are cute, but they soon grow up, and so it’s important to have the time to invest in your dog to ensure he or she grows up to be a good canine citizen! An alternative might be choosing an older dog from a rehoming charity, which might suit your needs and lifestyle better.

Choosing the right breed for your lifestyle is so important. An active breed of dog requires an active home, so choose based on your dog’s needs not because you think that breed is cute!

You’ve found an advert online or in the local paper. Ask as many questions as you need to and if the story doesn’t add up then don’t waste your time going to see the puppy. Ask if they breed the puppies/is the mum living with the pups in the home/have the parents been screened for any inherited health issues are all important considerations. Make a list of questions you would like to ask and write notes next to each question so you can remember what they said.

If everything adds up during the conversation on the phone, then you can arrange to visit the puppy’s home. Look for positive behaviour in the pups and a relaxed home environment where the puppies and mum look and act at home. Again if you get a gut feel that something is not right then, you should go with that feeling and walk away.

Don’t feel rushed into buying a dog. He or she is going to be part of your family for hopefully a very long time, so making the right choice now is key.

For some great advice from The Dogs Trust.