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As summer starts to fade, here in the office we’re really looking forward to a new season ahead and all the magic of autumn. Does this sound like you? If the below sounds just like you, share the autumn love!

  1. A changing season signals a changing wardrobe. *Grabs credit card with glee!*
  1. You carry on alfresco dining with patio heater and plenty of layers.
  1. You love kicking up the autumn leaves as much as your dog does!
  1. Marvelling at the early morning mists and autumn colours are big on your Instagram feed.
  1. Planning your spring garden bulbs and planting them in preparation for next year is exciting news (yes, really).
  1. You pack away your summer wardrobe and look forward to cosy knits and winter woollies.
  1. The evenings might be drawing in quicker, but that also means your solar fairy lights in the garden also come on earlier.
  1. Your choice of scented candles and shower gels goes from ‘Summer Blooms’ to ‘Autumn Cinnamon and Nutmeg’ without any household discussion.
  1. You wave goodbye to the flocks of migrating birds and start stocking up on birdseed and contemplate buying a hedgehog house.