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Whether it’s horsey humour, horses in action or equestrian style, our Equine Marketing Team picks five of their favourite equestrian Instagram accounts that we think you’ll enjoy following. 

For: Equestrian Fashion

If you love stunning horses, glamourous locations and equestrian fashion, you’ll adore following Claudia Equitation on Instagram and TikTok. Gorgeous equestrian style, complete with beautiful horses and picture-perfect locations. This account was made for the equestrian fashionista!

For: Keeping It Real

Ever wondered how the non-horsey person in your life feels about your equestrian passion? The Non-Horsey Husband explains perfectly as the long-suffering non-horsey partner married to a horse girl. This account always makes us laugh, and our non-horsey partners nod in agreement and dispair.

For: Adorable Minis

We can’t get enough of Punkte Pony Amor. They say a picture says a thousand words, and a cute mini wearing a garland of summer flowers speaks more! So just sit back and scroll a cuteness overload, all captured perfectly in stunning photography and a well-presented grid.

For: Don’t Try This At Home

For daredevil equine stunts and behind the scenes footage and images from movie sets, we love the legend that is Steve Dent Stunts. Gallop through this British stunt horse producer’s grid for horsey inspo that you really won’t find anywhere else and the perfect reminder that you channel your inner stunt rider every time you hack out on bin day.

For: Beautiful Equestrian Photography Inspo

We adore this photographer’s style. Photographer Jenna captures the beauty and energy of our majestic friends so perfectly. They are indeed works of art. So beautiful and breathtaking this account is sent to inspire us to make more effort when taking pictures of our horses and brush their manes more often.

For more social account inspiration, check out the winners from our Equestrian Blogger Awards 2020 and are we missing a gem of an equestrian Instagram account that you love and follow? If so, drop us a line on social and share the love for your favourites.