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Word has it that good quality copywriting is king and not exclusive to print. Your digital presence is just as crucial to your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness as we explain…


The Write Way

Ok, so we’ve played on the word ‘write’ instead of ‘right’ to draw you in! 

However, consistently using the wrong spelling of a particular word, such as ‘their or there’ or ‘we’re or where’, unintentionally won’t sit well with your customers or present your brand as a trusted professional outfit. According to one poll*, 74% of survey participants said they noticed the quality of spelling and grammar on company websites, and 59% of consumers said they would not use a company whose site featured poor spelling and grammar. That’s a lot of lost revenue.

Yes, it’s true that we scan the written word rather than immerse ourselves in reading digital content. However, don’t underestimate the art of ‘selling’ online, both on your website and social media posts. Well-written copy can help sell your products. A core part of our business is writing product descriptions. Companies know it helps to engage the reader and incentivise sales.


Socially Unacceptable

Bad grammar and spelling on social media posts matter. Too many brands concentrate on their website and PR copy. However, you need to remember that their social channels are just as important. Of course, mistakes can happen. After all, we are only human. Copy accompanying social media posts can easily be amended if you spot an error. A social media account full of grammatical faults is not only jarring for the reader but can also put potential customers off your brand. Why would your social media channels be an afterthought if you’re trying to convey professionalism in your business? Appointing professional social media marketing services can make a huge difference to your social media posts.

Common mistakes we see by businesses on social media are when a brand has a professional writer craft the copy on their website, yet their social channels are being managed by various people. These people don’t have access to a brand deck or guidelines and therefore speak in their unique but very different personal tone of voice. 

For example, a high-end luxury brand probably won’t be starting a social media post with ‘Slay Your Look!’, however this terminology could work for a mid-bracket brand whose customer base is predominantly aimed at Gen Z. Some business owners also can’t resist getting involved with their social media and refer to ‘I, Me & My’ when, otherwise, the company speaks about what they do as a collective ‘We’. Any jarring shift in the essence of a post can immediately look and feel odd to your followers. After all, isn’t that in our programming; query anything online that stands out, which could be a scam or spammy content? 


Website Woes

As seasoned copywriters, we’re always crafting content which supports a brand’s SEO efforts, but it’s not about simply creating content for SEO. It’s about composing well-constructed content that’s an engaging and informative read. Presenting your brand with accurate copywriting lends credibility and aids fluid communication. Most visitors to your website will be short on time and big on information.  Highlighting key features or angles related to your business, products, or services is crucial. Consumers want information fast, but you can still optimise your website content for SEO; you just need to execute it correctly.

If you haven’t undertaken a website audit in the past 12 months, it’s time to review your content, as it can date quickly. With evolving Google updates, your website copy may no longer be current and could even hinder your SEO efforts. 


This article first appeared in print with Equestrian Trade News. *Source: Global Lingo

Why You Should Care About Your Business Online Reputation.