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Equine PR, Equisense new care and drawing up designs

Here at MMPR, our Equine PR team are always on the lookout for exciting equine news and understand how the seasonal changes can have a huge effect on our horses! It’s the time of year that worries all horse owners, whether it’s seasonal related health concerns, the increased chance of incidents and accidents due to longer stabling hours, less riding time, reduced field turnout and unpredictable weather conditions etc. They all roll out ahead of the long winter months unfold and so it’s interesting to note the number of new products entering the UK market with a focus on monitoring horse health..

One of the products new to the market, which is creating a storm in the press and resonating with horse owners worldwide, is Equisense Care. 

This fantastically clever and exciting product is the second product to be launched by the French technology company, and we are thrilled to be involved with its launch into the UK. This clever bit of tech sits on your horse via an anatomically designed best, and you can monitor your horse’s well being, away from your horse, through your phone. You can build a picture of his overall health and wellbeing and get alerts if things don’t appear to be ‘normal’.

This is an amazing product for horse owners who, like us, the Equine PR team, find ourselves sitting in the office worrying about our horses 24/7. Horse owners, who have had the experience with illness or had colic, the ability to now monitor your horse scientifically and take action if need be. This reflects the huge shift in the way horse owners are now embracing change and where technology is finally crossing over into the equine world and making a difference to the animals we all love and care about and we were thrilled to be part of this exciting product launch.