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Our Social Media Marketing Team were checking a client’s social channels when a sponsored advert popped up advertising a ‘coming soon’ online PR service. ‘Hassle-free, no more agencies and contracts’ it promised. Seeing this certainly got the MirrorMePR team talking about how such a concept would work. Sure there are press agencies which farm out releases to media requests but for the MirrorMePR Team, PR stands for more than just a press release and here’s why:



Don’t ever underestimate the power of a PR agency that prides itself on maintaining great media relationships. An editor, journalist or influencer who likes the way your PR & Marketing agency conduct themselves and how they interact with them can make the difference to whether your brand gets noticed in the first place. Knowing your editors’, their personal likes and dislikes are also important. After all, if you don’t write about tractors and farming, then why would you want to know about a tractor manufacturer, but if that tractor manufacturer is supporting farming by way of charitable support or is the biggest export story in their sector. Then this could be of interest to titles outside of their niche market. It’s about looking at your brand and selling a story into the press that that will resonate with the editor and be relevant to their title.



Reputation is everything, and this takes time. Building a good reputation amongst the media, clients and respect from other PR agencies are all important aspects that a ‘faceless’ agency won’t have. After all, if all you are getting is a press release without knowing anything about the person sending it unless it’s a groundbreaking story, you’ll probably struggle. If an Editor gets a press release from an agency with whom they already have a good relationship with and that agency already has an excellent reputation for delivering stories and content that is relevant, then you have a much better chance of getting noticed for all the right reasons.



Acting professionally across all areas of your business is imperative, and this applies to the agency you choose to align yourself with. Selecting an agency which takes its code of conduct seriously and behaves professionally towards other agencies is essential as well. We have excellent relationships with other professional PR agencies out there because we act professionally and don’t poach or encroach on other agency’s brands.


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